The exploitation of the Frisian Top Level Domain .frl is in the hands of FRLregistry BV, a sister company of Dutch registrar Mijndomein.nl BV. In accordance with the wish of the Province of Fryslân to create this extension without the use of provincial money, FRLregistry BV has applied for this Top Level Domain on their own account and for their own risk. With the international approval of .frl, FRLregistry BV became owner of this Top Level Domain and has full responsibility for its exploitation.

In view of the potential marketing opportunities for Friesland, the Province of Friesland has been an involved supporter of .frl since its inception.

The  launch of the .frl extension has several phases, so as to ensure that Frisian trademarks, government authorities, businesses and residents have priority in registering their domains. An additional 3,000 domain names, called premium domains, have been reserved for cultural and commercial use. Domain names will become available to the general public as of mid-April.

Registry Policies

Conditions promotional .frl-domains (pionieers)

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