As of 2 February 2015, you’ll be able to obtain your own Frisian location on the internet. During the introduction period for the general public, Frisian companies, organisations and residents will be given priority registration – an opportunity you simply mustn’t miss. The domains will be assigned as of 2 April 2015, and your new .frl domain can go live straight after.

How will .frl be launched?

.frl is being launched in phases, so as to ensure that Frisian trademarks, government councils, businesses and residents have priority in registering their domain. This means you need to grab the chance now and claim the domain you want.


Domain names will be registered according to a predefined hierarchy. This is as follows: trademarks take precedence over government authorities, authorities take precedence over companies, and companies take precedence over private individuals. In all cases, the general rule applies that applications from within Friesland have precedence over non-Frisian applications.

Should one or more persons or organisations with the same status apply for the same domain name, the name will be auctioned.

In addition, premium domains are available for registration. These are domains with a particular cultural or commercial value to Friesland. If you are interested in registering for a premium domain, see what is on offer here.

.frl goodies

Your place on the internet says a lot about who you are. Your domain name can set you apart from the rest and reflect what you represent. With the .frl goodies, you’ll attract attention and show you stand for Fryslân.

.frl goodies

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