Premium domain names are domains with a particular value for Friesland. This value concerns the cultural or commercial relevance of the name. A premium domain name can be claimed if you have a unique ide or concept that promotes this relevance.

Premium domain names are assigned by Stichting puntFRL (for cultural domain management) and the FRLfonds (for commercial domain management) based on the value of your ideas and objectives. If you are a Frisian enterprise and want to mean something to Friesland, and if you are able to bring resources together on one of the premium commercial or cultural domain names, then you really should seize this opportunity.

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How are applications assessed?

Our decision draws from a solid business plan, the quality of the service, and the applicant’s drive and references. It’s about our partners really going out to develop the premium domain. Which is why domain names are initially only on loan. PuntFRL remains the owner of the domain for the first year.

Invest in innovation and entrepreneurship

Innovation is essential for entrepreneurs and for Friesland. Bearing in mind the current economic climate and technological changes, stagnation has become more a case of deterioration. Yet the process that takes an idea to innovation is complicated.
That’s why Doefonds Fryslân supports .frl and is working with us and other potential investors. Doefonds Fryslân have venture capital at their disposal for investing in innovative Frisian enterprises, which means you the entrepreneur can focus on your core business, namely entrepreneurship.

Why opt for a premium domain?

A domain is often the name of a company, service or product. The better the domain name (short and catchy), the better the chance people with recognise and remember it. With innumerable businesses and services online, success and failure can depend on whether or not your clients can remember your name and make an emotional connection with it. A great name will also, ideally, explain what the company does and include a marketing slogan, so that your domain is right for you at every level.

Premium domains are generally one to five positions long, use common words or search terms and have an inherent call to action. Businesses register these names because they understand the advantage of a strong brand image and the associated market value of a short, personal and easy-to-remember domain.

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