Therefore .FRL

Where you choose to be on the internet says a lot about who you are and what you represent. A .frl domain helps you stand out from the crowd – and will link all the global appeal of Friesland directly to your domain.

Your Frisian location on the internet

Your positioning on the internet says a lot about who you are. Now you can show that you stand for Friesland, distinguishing yourself from the rest of the Netherlands and attracting attention from the rest of the world.

Focused on Friesland and the Frisians

If your focus is on Friesland and your target group is the Frisians, then this is the perfect opportunity for approaching your audience directly. It will link you straight to your target group and show you both stand for .frl.

New domain names, more market opportunities

The launch of .frl means there are a lot of new possible domain names – and this means more market opportunities. Now’s the time to register the .nl domain you wanted with .frl.

Promoting your Frisian background

Whether you’re the village baker, the Frisian multinational or a Frisian family, together we can show what Friesland means, promoting our special place in the world with our own identity and strong appeal.

All Frisian punctuation marks in your domain name

For the first time in the history of the internet, all of the Frisian language will be able to be used in your domain name, including punctuation marks. So you can easily register Fryslân in your domain name instead of Fryslan.

Impulse for the Frisian economy

.frl means we can keep more of our online spending in Friesland – something we can all benefit from.

Room for innovation and creativity

Your new ideas and opportunities can come to life in the .frl breeding ground for initiatives and talent. The new domain extension presents countless opportunities for different forms of cooperation between new commercial and/or cultural initiatives.

Specific communication for your product or service

Whether you sell Frisian sausage or Frisian cakes, whether you’re the online bookshop for Friesland or offer Frisian language courses, you can now focus specifically on Friesland and show the world exactly what you represent.

Easier to find on the web

Last but not least, you’ll get more Google hits. By focusing on a specific area, you can build your authority and relevance which in turns improves your results in search engines. The more .frl is used, the faster you’ll be found.


This is your chance to apply for your .frl domain. If you want a .frl domain for your company, group, trademark, blog or campaign, you’ll need to be quick. Applications can be made from 2 February 2015. Your requested domain might just be yours as of 2 April.

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