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Show the world what Friesland
stands for with .frl

Don’t disappear in the crowd; make yourself stand out and sieze this unique opportunity to show just what you stand for. A .frl domain gives you new possibilities and lets you focus more specifically on your target group.

Your Frisian location on the internet

Your positioning on the internet says a lot about who you are. Now you can show that you stand for Friesland, distinguishing yourself from the rest of the Netherlands and attracting attention from the rest of the world.

Focused on Friesland and the Frisians

If your focus is on Friesland and your target group is the Frisians, then this is the perfect opportunity for approaching your audience directly. It will link you straight to your target group and show you both stand for .frl.

New domain names, more market opportunities

The launch of .frl means there are a lot of new possible domain names – and this means more market opportunities. Now’s the time to register the .nl domain you wanted with .frl.

Nog steeds niet overtuigd?


As of 2 February 2015, you’ll be able to obtain your own Frisian location on the internet. During the introduction period for the general public, Frisian companies, organisations and residents will be given priority registration – an opportunity you simply mustn’t miss. The domains will be assigned as of 2 April 2015, and your new .frl domain can go live straight after.


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